I'm not afraid to say this: I need your help!

Our race is now identified as one of the three districts most likely to change hands in November. It really can be won, and I'm working my tail off to prove it!

My opponent has an alphabet soup of special interest organizations and lobbyists behind her (it's actually pretty gross how much money she has taken from dark money PACs).  

But I have you.  And you know what, I would take that arrangement every single time.  

So Philippe, let's do this together!

Please make it a priority to attend my fundraiser at Craft Urban in Geneva this Tuesday from 6 to 8pm. Even if you can't come, I'm asking that you purchase a ticket and show your support. 

Please join my efforts. Be a part of a movement that will last for generations to come.

Illinois deserves leaders who are community-minded and fiscally responsible. Help me help Illinois. 

Thank you x 10,000!