Thanks for celebrating with me.

Huge thanks to everyone who came to or supported my Birthday Fundraiser last week. Looking at the photos put a smile on my face - so much joy and friendship and love in that room. ♥️ 

Like I mentioned at the party, we're on a winning path. Election Day is three weeks from today and my excitement and confidence continues to soar. I've raised about 10x more than my opponent.  Thanks to your financial investments into my campaign, I've been able to

  • Send out 1500 mail pieces
  • Survey over 300 people in my district
  • Hire a world class campaign advisor
  • Reach 8300 people on Facebook
  • Buy food for HanFans (volunteers) and coffee for constituents
  • Drop off over 100 yard signs

In the last three weeks, there will be over 25,000 voter contact points.

Thanks to you guys and some donations and pledges that have come in since my birthday, I'm only $1950 away from reaching my fundraising goal for this primary race.  So - thank you!

I mentioned at the party - one of the best ways to support me right now is to become a monthly partner. You can do that by clicking here. Any monthly amount from March - November will keep me off the phone and face-to-face with community members. 

Let's keep this good time rolling!