Meet one of unsung heroes of grassroots democracy: Precinct Committeeman, Dale Boyd.

Yah, you read that and thought: What the heck is a Precinct Committeeman, Hannah?” 😬

Great question on this lovely Friday morning.

Precinct Committeemen (also known as PCs if you want to learn the lingo) are the link between voters and the political party they represent.

Here’s a little of their job description:

* Encourage voter registration
* Educate voters about the party’s platform
* Motivate voters to vote on election days
* Relay concerns or opinions from the constituents back to the party leadership
* Vote on various matters within the party structure, such as endorsing candidates for primary elections

It’s a big gig.

How can you become one? You can either be elected or appointed.

In my area, there are a LOT of openings for PCs. If you’re interested in taking the next step to get more involved in having a voice in your community, I invite you to check out becoming a PC.

This is Dale’s first year being a PC. I had the chance to hear his story at last week’s PC Pizza Party at The Slice Spot. He doesn’t have a background in politics. He’s bringing his gifts and skills from his accountant career to the PC table. We all have something to offer! ⭐️

Don’t know where to start? Don’t blame you. DM me and I’ll get you connected to the right person in your area. Have a conversation with them. See what it’s all about. Maybe you’ll get invited to my next pizza party! 😃 🍕