If you're wondering if candidates take off for MLK Day, just know that this one isn't. I find it a bit difficult to set aside my own aspirations on a day dedicated to commemorating the most renowned dreamer of the 20th century -  a fellow Republican who knew the world could be a better place in which to live, Martin Luther King Jr. 

Today we celebrate tenacity, courage, justice, and equality.

Beyond that, we also celebrate those who dare to dream.  Without you, this world is not as bright or beautiful.  The absence of your dream would mean a gap in the tapestry of shared human experiences.

In the spirit of the day, I invite you to take some time today to think about what you're passionate about, what keeps you up at night, what you can't help but bring up in conversation. Usually in that space, there's your dream.

And you know - I love hearing about the dreams. Please connect with me and tell me what your dream is. I'll write back a word of encouragement. 😀

Let's dream together!