Along the campaign trail, I hear a lot of my constituents talk about the 't' word: taxes.

We all know taxes were originally designed to serve the people. To offer public services that normal people wouldn't be able to pay for on their own. Services like education, infrastructure, and public safety. Tax revenue was a straightforward way to keep economies thriving.

Here in Illinois, it seems that taxes are having the opposite effect. Instead of serving people and building up local economies, taxes are infamous for stealing margin - time and money - from our lives. 

We all remember July 1, 2023 here in Illinois. That was the day our grocery tax resumed (we're one of the only states with a grocery tax). It was also the day we were hit with our second gas tax increase for 2023. 

That is all on top of one of the highest property tax rates in the entire country.

It's death by a thousand cuts here in Illinois. The gas and grocery taxes are stealing our margin to dream.  We feel the pain on a deep level. Instead of spending the extra $40/month for a date night or taking our kids to a museum, we're taxed again and again and again

I'm running for State Representative to put margin back into your life. We need to have the resources to dream again.

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Here to serve,

Read more about my position on taxes and human margin here