I want to give a HUGE shoutout to the og HanFans.

@gloryjoybarlow - for organizing this Launch Party with negative help on my end. You’re a DREAM to work with. (If your office is throwing a party this holiday season, contact her. I literally had nothing to worry about and that’s the best feeling in the world.)

The world’s best hitting partner - Tony Jackson, for showing up. Always. And early. Love that I can count on you.

@locascio_vito - for offering a beautiful intro. Stretched the truth a bit, but I won’t tell anyone.

@tkight - the vibes are always just right when you’re in charge. The red & blue lights 🤌🏼

Kenny the not HassBeen @kennyhass_ - for the original walkup song. It’s now mine. Thank you.

@danny_hochstatter - for capturing the joy of the moment in 4k

@philippemelin - I can’t imagine any campaign event without this epic flag

@thejohnebarlow - for properly presenting Old Glory and doing a lot of smiling

@dedefaye @havenfriess @jlavss @katelinneely Misa, Marjorie, @makenzie_cherie_weatherford DP @genevieve__owens 🖤⭐️🖤

They say it takes a village. I say it takes a family.