Public safety is the bedrock of strong communities. In recent years, we have seen dangerous efforts by some to villainize our local police and erode our security. The SAFE-T Act has handcuffed the ability of judges to detain dangerous people and we are seeing the results in terms of higher crime. 

I support strong and accountable policing, recognizing that true security is the bedrock upon which our communal dreams are built. We need our local law enforcement officers to know that they are respected and valued members of our community. We need to give them the tools and support they need to do their jobs. We must encourage them to work within the communities they work to not only hold criminals accountable but to serve as peace-builders to help prevent crime before it happens.  State government has an important role to play in whether our local communities are safer or less safe as we move to the future - I’ll always put the security and safety of your neighborhood as my top priority.