Every two days, a person in DuPage county overdoses. The opioid crisis and mental health challenges are deeply concerning issues that require a comprehensive approach. Addressing these issues begins with emphasizing personal responsibility and the role of family and community support networks in prevention and recovery. I advocate for targeted educational programs that inform individuals about the risks of opioid misuse and the importance of mental health. Government intervention is necessary but should be efficient and practical. This includes allocating resources to mental health services and addiction treatment programs, ensuring they are accessible and effective. I support a combination of medical treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation services, alongside law enforcement efforts to combat the illegal distribution of opioids. Let's fight this epidemic with education, empathy, and enforcement.

This is a deeply personal issue for me. My dear friend suffered for years with substance abuse (heroin). We were roommates during some of this season. And now, we serve together at Eternal Buzz Community - a nonprofit organization whose mission is to obliterate addiction and employ people in recovery.  I’ve had the unique opportunity to befriend dozens of women over the last decade who are recovering from addiction. 

In our region, where every two days an overdose darkens a dream, confronting the opioid crisis and mental health challenges is imperative. Our approach must weave personal responsibility with the strength of family and community support, providing a safety net for prevention and recovery. 

I champion: 

  • Educational initiatives that illuminate the perils of opioid misuse and the value of mental health, coupled with efficient and practical government action. 
  • Accessible and effective mental health services
  • Addiction treatment programs
  • A robust law enforcement strategy to curtail the illegal opioid supply
  • Informed education, heartfelt empathy, and rigorous enforcement.

Our collective aim is clear: to protect and revive the dreams of our community members, ensuring a future where hope is restored and potential fulfilled. Let's stand united in this crucial fight, crafting a community where dreams are not only pursued but fiercely protected.