We did it!  We're officially on the ballot for the March 19 election. 

I say 'we' because, last time I counted, nearly 60 people have volunteered with Your Dream Matters in the last two months. That's a lot of hands. A lot of teamwork. And that's what this campaign is all about - doing what we can to create margin for one another.

Gathering nearly 700 signatures took some real effort. I personally knocked on nearly two thousand doors. The last sixty days have been equally challenging and fulfilling. Hearing raw thoughts and feelings from voters is simply humbling. I look forward to representing each and every one of you in Springfield. 

How do we move the ball forward?  The good news is: we can all do something. 

What I need now more than anything is this one thing:

To meet people. 

The most fun and easiest way for that to happen is for you to introduce me to people through a Living Room Conversation. You invite 4-6 friends over. I share my vision and more importantly, I get to hear what your friends and neighbors think. These are very low-key, casual conversations. 

I've been a participant of these Living Room Conversations from previous campaigns. I now firsthand how enjoyable and productive they are.

If you live in the area (or around the district), please consider hosting a Living Room Conversation anytime between now and March 19.

Want just a little more information about these gatherings? Text CONVERSATION to 630-538-8682. 

If you know that hosting, connecting, or networking is your thing and you want to get something scheduled, click this link and select 'Host Event.' 

Hope you're enjoying this wonderful holiday season and keeping your dreams alive. 

Here to serve,