Starting 2024 doing NEW things! ⭐️

I asked ChatGPT how to nail my first radio interview. Essentially, “Be yourself and be lighthearted.” Of course, I interpreted that as ‘Roast Verlon about his age and his music choices.’ That was fun. Thanks, ChatGPT. And thanks, Verlon, for being a good ol’ sport (pun intended).

Grateful to have the opportunity to share my vision for our community on Black & Right. Was absolutely stoked that a lady from Naperville called in to ask me a question. (If you’re reading this, please DM so we can continue our conversation!) I love connecting with people and getting the opportunity to step into their space via AM 560 was an honor.

Black & Right host John Anthony definitely knows what’s up in the political sphere. Former law enforcement officer and State Rep - he’s sorta seen and heard it all. So when he talks, I tend to listen.

Listen to Hannah's Clip starting at 1:31:06