It is imperative that our state government leaders step up, speak out, and exert pressure on the President and the federal government to enforce our borders.

The current influx of busloads of migrants being dropped off across the state demands strong and decisive action. Illinois cannot afford to stand idly by while hundreds of individuals are placed in suburban communities without proper planning. Our state government must lead the charge in ensuring (1) that the federal government upholds its duty to secure our borders; and (2) that is supporting local communities struggling to process and support the new arrivals. 

I call upon Illinois state government leaders to:

  • Speak Out: Publicly address the urgent need for federal intervention to enforce border security. Silence is not an option when the safety and well-being of our residents are at stake.
  • Pressure the President: Advocate forcefully to the President for immediate and effective measures to secure our borders. It is time for Illinois to assert its influence and demand action.
  • Protect Our Communities: Implement comprehensive plans for the responsible integration of migrants, preventing the undue strain on suburban communities.

Now is the time for bold leadership and unwavering commitment to the safety of our citizens. I am dedicated to ensuring that Illinois takes the lead in this critical matter, and I will tirelessly advocate for the security and prosperity of our great state.