You guys are going to LOVE today’s featured Margin Maker. Katie has been my neighbor for nearly a decade and has been a supporter of mine in all of my business endeavors. Which is why I hit up her cute little house my first day of canvassing.

Her front yard library is a PERFECT example of creating margin in people’s lives - giving people quick and free access to books. How many children in District 49 have benefited from this neighborhood convenience? It’s rhetorical. But the answer is: a lot.

Alsooooo - Katie runs a crazy awesome & successful travel hacking block called Katie’s Travel Tricks. With today’s inflation, so many families can’t afford to take trips and make memories together. But Katie has figured out a way to ‘hack’ the travel system. She’s helped thousands of families figure out a way to affordably make memories ALL OVER THE WORLD. It’s pretty cool. She does so much of the legwork - finding specific hotels, airlines, and destination cities. Katie literally puts money and time back into the lives of SO many. @katiestraveltricks

It’s easier than you think to create margin for one another. And it’s often quite fun.

When I get to Springfield, I’ll continue to fight for every ounce of margin for our community.