Campaigning is a game of addition. Winning campaigns grow when there is a culture of "making the introduction." You can help us build our winning culture by making an introduction for me with five or more people you know who can vote for me or otherwise provide support (i.e. donate, volunteer, influencer, policy leaders. etc.).  

Please write a short email or text introduction to me and 5 or more of your friends and colleagues.  You can also post an endorsement our your social media pages by clicking the buttons below. 

Here is a draft email that for you to customize that we hope can get you started:


Dear Hannah and ___________,

I wanted to make an introduction.

Hannah is running for Illinois State Representative in the 49th District (See Map).  I've known her long enough to know she is an exceptional woman with a heart of gold. She is a successful businesswoman, community leader involved with multiple charities, woman of faith and a great friend. She would be a huge breath of fresh air in Springfield if she were elected. Learn more about her at her website [insert your personal tracking link listed below here]

As someone who I think has influence and my respect, I thought you would be a great person for Hannah to know as she builds her campaign.  I hope the two of you can find a time to connect on the phone or for coffee in the near future.

Best regards, 


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