Law & Order PAC Endorses Hannah Billingsley for Illinois State Representative in 49th District

I am so excited to receive the endorsement of the Law & Order PAC. Since 2020 this group has been supporting candidates who value and respect our local law enforcement professionals. Public safety is one of my top priorities. I support strong and accountable policing, recognizing that true security is the bedrock upon which our communal dreams are built. Read my more about my views on public safety by clicking here.

Here is Law & Order PAC's endorsement:

Law & Order PAC, an Illinois political action committee dedicated to promoting public safety and supporting law enforcement officers, proudly announces its endorsement of Hannah Billingsley for Illinois State Representative in the 49th District Republican Primary.

Hannah Billingsley's unwavering commitment to the safety and security of Illinois communities, as well as her steadfast support for local police officers, makes her the clear choice for voters concerned about public safety. With her strong stance on law enforcement and community policing, Hannah Billingsley embodies Law & Order PAC's values.

According to Matt Podgorski, spokesperson for Law & Order PAC, "Hannah Billingsley's dedication to ensuring the safety and security of our neighborhoods is unparalleled. Her support for strong and accountable policing reflects a deep understanding of the importance of law enforcement in maintaining order and protecting our communities."

Hannah Billingsley emphasizes the critical role of law enforcement in fostering strong communities. She rightly recognizes that public safety is the foundation for building vibrant and thriving neighborhoods. Her commitment to providing law enforcement with the tools and support they need to carry out their duties effectively is commendable.

In contrast, Law & Order PAC is concerned about Hannah's primary opponent, Aris Garcia. A simple Google search reveals a 2020 Medium article covering a Black Lives Matter rally in which Mr Garcia participated holding a sign stating "Police the Police." The article quotes Mr. Garcia's inflammatory rhetoric likening local police officers to the people who started the Holocaust.

While individuals can evolve in their beliefs, we believe Mr. Garcia's statements raise questions about his commitment to supporting law enforcement and ensuring public safety.

Law & Order PAC urges voters to support Hannah Billingsley in the upcoming Republican Primary. Her proven dedication to public safety and support for law enforcement make her the best choice to represent the interests of Illinois residents in the 49th District.

For more information about Law & Order PAC and its mission to promote public safety and support law enforcement, please visit