“Where’s Katelin?”  Some calls you never forget. Some days you never forget. I left work and headed to our apartment. I didn't know what I'd find on the other side of that door.

My then-roommate and now life friend, Katelin, went through hell to get to a place of recovery. Her struggle with heroin mirrors so many here in our community.

In 2022, there were 150 deaths in DuPage caused by opioids. Nationally, heroin overdose death rates increase at an average annual rate of 55.7%. This is not okay. We need strong leaders in Illinois who are aware of this growing epidemic.

 The odds weren't in her favor, but Katelin is here today - whole, healed, and working each day to bring others to a place of recovery. 

I asked Katelin, who is now a mentor to dozens of women in recovery, for some advice on handling loved ones who are struggling with addiction. Here’s what she said:

  1. You must maintain your own emotional health. Join an Al-Anon program (group therapy for those affected by the addiction). Maintain boundaries and still love the person. Love in a healthy way. Don’t enable them.
  2. Keep living your life. Don’t live in fear of what may happen. 
  3. Know that you’re loved. You’re not a bad friend, sister, spouse, because someone you love is dealing with addiction.

We’re blessed to have so many organizations and government agencies in our area that are focused on recovery and addiction. If you’re looking for a way to get involved or looking for a center that handles addiction, click here to start your journey.


Here to serve,