Can't let 2023 come to a close without another round of 'thank yous' to all the HanFans out there. Your $35.00 investment into Your Dream Matters has positioned us for victory in 2024. Most people who are giving to this campaign have never given to a candidate.  But here you are - showing up in force with your generosity and support. 

This may not be nearly as exciting as your Spotify Wrapped recap but here's a summary of Your Dream Matters for 2023:

  • Thanks to 18 beautiful souls who helped gather signatures in the blistery cold, we're on the ballot! 
  • 56 individuals have donated (some have donated more than once!)
  • $31,058 in donations
  • HanClub has knocked on close to 3k doors
  • Dozens of meetings with mayors, party leadership, and community leaders
  • Over 8k views of launch video

All that up there? That's because of you.  Throwing up the heart hands over here. 🫶🏼

May the last moments of your 2023 be beautiful and blessed,.