Ace and I were up bright and early this morning so we got the chance to hit up Blooming Fest first thing. I immediately learned is that Ace is a big old scaredy-cat and has NO desire to make friends with baby goats. 🙄

All in all - we loved the Blooming Fest experience. Huge shoutout to all those who work year round to make this event 10/10.

The weather was perfect. High quality vendors filled the streets. We totally scored when we found the @designsbytiniesta booth. They’re going to hook Ace up with a custom Your Dream Matters bandanna. I was sold on their store when I walked in and saw a guy literally hand-making the bandannas. The craftsmanship was legit.

Supporting small and local businesses is an easy way to put money back into our community and local economy. Creating margin is as easy as buying a Your Dream Matters bandana. ⭐️

I encourage you to take a break from your weekend chores and stop by and literally smell the roses at Blooming Fest.