I watch Christmas with the Kranks every Christmas. I don’t know if the millennial in me is just forever loyal to Tim Allen or if my John Grisham fangirlness is deeper than I’ll admit.

As I wrapped gifts this week, I decided to put on this classic. There’s this scene at the end of where Luther finally admits that he’s freaking out because his daughter Blair is coming home for Christmas and he hasn’t made any festive celebrations. In my opinion, the best part of the film then unfolds. The world’s most neighborly neighbor Vic Frogmeyer rallies the troops. Essentially, he tells everyone, “I know Luther has been a grinchy Scrooge this Christmas. But we’re a neighborhood. We’re gonna come together and make sure this is a Christmas that Blair remembers.”

And just like that — every neighbor — including the young kids does their part to make the party a success. Some decorated. Some made food. The police officers did the airport pickup. Everyone played a part to make a dream come true. Margin makers. Each and every one of them.

Creating margin for someone (giving them time or money) is as easy as doing something in your wheelhouse for the greater good. Margin-making is a win-win.

This Christmas, I challenge the blessed to create margin for the challenged. It could be the next John Grisham novel in the making.