Yesterday’s canvassing sesh was brought to you by gorgeous weather, a trusty scooter, and a rockstar friend who pounded the pavement with me — Karen B.

You really learn so much about your community by meeting people in their home. A common thread?

Three families in a row told me that their favorite thing about living in West Chicago was the people.
Their least favorite thing? Dealing with the City. All three expressed their frustration with the City being too involved in their personal affairs while also being disinterested in helping them find solutions. Coincidentally, all three families were business owners.

Government is a blessing to the community WHEN it is efficient, pro-business, and pro-family. When it’s not, it steals time and money from our dreams. From being able to grow our businesses, pay for our kids’ college tuition, or afford a memory-building trip with our family.

We need more margin in our life, starting with local government.

Yours in Service!