Another half marathon in the books!

I did not PR.

I walked more than I anticipated (wasn’t planning on walking at ALL)
And I found out that I do NOT love gels. 😆

But, for me, it was a success.
Why? During the 2018 Chicago Marathon, I showed up on race day and completely scrapped the running plan I had been sticking to for months (thanks to an Instagram reel I had watched the night before). 26 mile story short, it did NOT go well. I ended up with very sore knees and a very, VERY modest end time.

Today, I was FULL of energy at the start line. After mile 1, I was ready to bust from the pacer’s group and make a move. I gave myself a really solid pep talk about sticking to the plan, to run my race, and to trust the process of my training.

So glad I did. Turns out, after mile 4, I was working pretty dang hard just to keep up with the pacers. Imagine if I had sprinted ahead at mile 1!

This is a word of encouragement to the dreamers out there.
⭐️ Stick to the plan no matter what. Don’t get sidetracked with the ‘noise.’
⭐️ Run YOUR race. Chase YOUR dreams. Don’t get caught up with what others are doing.
⭐️ Trust yourself. You have gifts and strengths that are helping you achieve your dreams. Lean into them!

The world is a better place when we chase our dreams, so get out there and go chase yours.