One of my favorite verse is Zechariah 4:10  "Everyone should know that the day of small things is important."

Today, I'm rejoicing over a 'small thing' - we just hit over $50k in donations. That's right - current donations tally up to $51,632. It's important we pause to celebrate this win. 

The month is almost over and I'm $8,368 short of my April fundraising goal. What does this money go toward? 

  • Your Dream Matters t-shirts - $900
  • Text messages - $1450
  • Facebook Ads - $1750
  • Meet & Greets - $800
  • Bouncy House (yes, a real purchase) - $300
  • Supplies for new campaign HQ - $100

As you can see, daily engaging with voters costs money. It costs money to build a movement that will renew our community. Can you sponsor one of these items?  

Any donation $100 or more made from April 25 to April 30 will receive a Your Dream Matters t-shirt.  (Yes, I'll ship for free!)

Thank you celebrating the win and sowing seeds into the next milestone.  

Here to serve,