I’m Hannah! I live in a 1800s farmhouse in West Chicago with my adorable labradoodle Ace. I grew up in a conservative, Christian family in central Florida. My unwavering faith in Jesus is the guiding force in my life. Before moving to Chicagoland as a young adult, I was a middle school math teacher at a private school. Today, I’m a small business owner (hold the short jokes). I started my first business in 3rd grade, selling items from my dad’s garage for sweet snacks on the school playground. I’m now much more ethical in my business dealings; however, my love for sweet snacks remains (peanut butter M&Ms are my absolute favorite). I sit on the board of a nonprofit whose mission is to obliterate addiction; I also serve as a commissioner with some lovely, passionate people on the West Chicago Plan & Zoning Board. When I’m not FaceTiming my nieces, I’m usually playing tennis at Wheaton Sport Center (serving up some friendly competition), gardening, or binging on West Wing.