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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The world is a better place when we’re chasing our dreams. Life-changing books get written. The most beautiful songs are composed. Life-giving relationships are built.

Right now, we don’t have the margin to chase our dreams. As a community, we lack the time and money to chase our dreams. So it’s up to us to create margin for one another. Let’s stop looking to government for solutions and, instead, let’s look sideways to our neighbors for help. I want to empower the community to create margin for one another. Let's normalize asking for help. Let's be generous and intentional in our investment into our community.  

I’ll do what I can in Springfield as a Republican and locally as a community leader to create margin for every Dreamer of District 49 - lowering property taxes, permanently getting rid of the gas and grocery taxes, and rallying the community behind those suffering from the mental health and opioid crises.

The world needs you to chase your dream. Let me help create margin for you. Your dream matters.

Election Day is March 19th and I ask for your support and vote!

Let's be Margin Makers together

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